Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WIP Wendesday

I thought for my first Work In Progress Wednesday I'd look at the difference between WIPs and UFOs. No, I'm not talking about flying saucers, silly. I'm talking about those Unfinished Objects. Most of us probably have at least one or two.
So what is the difference between unfinished objects and works in progress?  Well, the way I see it unfinished objects are those projects that you've started and then passed over for something new. Maybe you got bored with it, or maybe you found something you JUST had to make RIGHT NOW. Those poor UFOs often end up at the back of cupboards, or tucked away under the bed.
As for Works In Progress, those are thing you work on regularly, destined to someday soon becom FOs (finished objects).

In my case, I have two UFOs and two WIPs. Let's have a look.

This is the almost finished body of Lollo the African Flower Bear, I feel in love with this pattern. It's gorgeous  , and it WILL get finnished one day. And its not that I got bored with it, its just the sheer amount of work in it. It feel like no matter how much I do I still have SO MUCH more to go.

  This is my more than half finished seed stitch sweater vest . Now, with this one I did get bored. I find everytime I work on it I get bored. Even if I'm watching telly or listening to a book. While I love seed stitch, its so so repetitive, and fingers crave something more challenging.

So those are my two UFOs, lets looks at the WIPs.

This is my cowgirl cowl. I like it because it's challenging for me. If the first lace type thing I've worked on. I've found that I have had to frog it a few times, but it keeps my fingers interesting. The yarn is gorgeous too, it a cotton,linen, silk blend.

close up of stitches 

My second WIP is an amigurumi version of The Hitcher from the Mighty Boosh.  So far I only have and unfinished leg.

So there we have it, my WIPs and UFOs. Let's see what progress I can make.


  1. Looks great! Well done on the lace, hope all goes smoothly!

  2. Your cowl is really pretty. I love doing lace. Hope it continues to go well for you.

  3. Thanyou. I love cowls, and I think I'm falling in love in with lace. :D