Thursday, August 2, 2012

Yarn to brighten up a morning

This morning has been a shitty one for me. But when I opened the door to find the postie with a big parcel with my name on it I immediately cheered up.  And then I went to check the mail box to find ANOTHER  parcel with my name on it. It was like christmas. :P

I have to say I was even more delighted when I opened the parcels to find lots of pretty YARN! I tell you what, new yarn seems to cure any bad mood.

Here's what I got:

The yarn in the bag is Cleckheaton Country wide. Twenty 50g balls of pure wool goodness. Yes 20!! And it's such a pretty deep sea green. The photos really don't do it justice (I had to use my less than perfect compact digitial camera, my proper camera's batteries are charging.)
I won it on an eBay auction, paid just over half the price I would have if I'd bout it from a proper yarn shop. I love bargains. :D
I'm going make this with it. But I've told myself not to start any new projects until I finished at least one of my WIP's.

The other yarn is Charlemont in teal blue and dark olive. It's 60% fine super wash merino 20% mulberry silk and 20% polymide. Again, the photos don't do it justice, but here's another one anyway:

Yay for yarn! :D

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WIP Wendesday

I thought for my first Work In Progress Wednesday I'd look at the difference between WIPs and UFOs. No, I'm not talking about flying saucers, silly. I'm talking about those Unfinished Objects. Most of us probably have at least one or two.
So what is the difference between unfinished objects and works in progress?  Well, the way I see it unfinished objects are those projects that you've started and then passed over for something new. Maybe you got bored with it, or maybe you found something you JUST had to make RIGHT NOW. Those poor UFOs often end up at the back of cupboards, or tucked away under the bed.
As for Works In Progress, those are thing you work on regularly, destined to someday soon becom FOs (finished objects).

In my case, I have two UFOs and two WIPs. Let's have a look.

This is the almost finished body of Lollo the African Flower Bear, I feel in love with this pattern. It's gorgeous  , and it WILL get finnished one day. And its not that I got bored with it, its just the sheer amount of work in it. It feel like no matter how much I do I still have SO MUCH more to go.

  This is my more than half finished seed stitch sweater vest . Now, with this one I did get bored. I find everytime I work on it I get bored. Even if I'm watching telly or listening to a book. While I love seed stitch, its so so repetitive, and fingers crave something more challenging.

So those are my two UFOs, lets looks at the WIPs.

This is my cowgirl cowl. I like it because it's challenging for me. If the first lace type thing I've worked on. I've found that I have had to frog it a few times, but it keeps my fingers interesting. The yarn is gorgeous too, it a cotton,linen, silk blend.

close up of stitches 

My second WIP is an amigurumi version of The Hitcher from the Mighty Boosh.  So far I only have and unfinished leg.

So there we have it, my WIPs and UFOs. Let's see what progress I can make.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Its been a long time...

I've been neglecting this blog for too long.

So here's what's been happening: I did finally get my room clean and I haven't stopped crafting. Let's have a look at some recent things I've made..

Dreadlock girl & Dreadlock Boy
Two superhero dolls for  a couple of friends' 4th anniversary.

Petra the Steampunk Princess 
A doll for my mum's birthday.

1920's style hat
A yellow hat.

Red circle scarf in box stitch
A red circle scarf. 

Pastel rainbow triangle shawl. 

And a rainbow shawl! And needless to say I've got several WIPs and lots of ideas. I'm going to try and update this blog at least once a week. We'll see how I go.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

New doll and Operation Clean Room

Over the past few weeks I've designed and made a new doll. I think she's very pretty.

The overall design of the doll was inspired by Japanese Kokeshi dolls. I know, she doesn't look Japanese at all. But the elements of the kokeshi are there, eg large head and no limbs. I have been told by some that my doll reminds them of Babushka dolls. And yes I can see the resemblance.
I love her green eyes and red hair. I wanted to do the face as simple as possible, as I think for this style of doll less is more. As I was making her it came to me that her name needed to end in "enna", so she is called Makenna. She's made of a wool blend felt and completely handsewn. I'll be making more of these dolls and hopefully someday in the near future I'll get around to selling them.

On another note, it has come to my attention that my room looks like a tornado hit it.

Something needs to be done. Enter Operation Clean Room. My plan is to do at least 15 mins. of cleaning/tidying a day to get it back into shape. I'll be recording my progress here to hopefully keep me motivated. One good thing I did was spend a couple days ironing to get this:

Lovely neat and tidy fabric. Before it was just stuffed in every which way. Now I can actually see what I've got. I've got A LOT of work to do to get my room tidy, but hopefully once it's clean I'll stop being lazy and keep it that way.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Stitch markers and marbling

I love marbling, it's so fun. I used it to make some paper beads a while ago, but I wanted to test how it works on fabric. This is what I came up with:
The fabric is 100% cotton. I really love how it turned out, especially the middle one. I also marbled some envelopes while I was at it.
Marbling always makes me think of Japanese things, I'm not sure why.
As well as marbling, yesterday I made some stitch markers for crochet. I got sick of the little plastic split ring I was using falling off.
I think they're snazzy.
I really like the one with black saucer beads. I made two but one is currently being used for a project. The paper beads on the right are made from book pages. I love the effect it gives.

Saturday, June 25, 2011


The thing I love most about making things, is giving them to people I love. To me, there's nothing better than giving a well thought, handmade gift full of all the time and love I've put into it and having the person love it. I'm quite happy to admit that I give the best presents when I put my mind to it.  (There I go, tooting my own horn. :P)
A good friend of mine is turning 22 soon, I made her an early birthday present partly because I started early and couldn't wait to give it to her, and partly because I didn't know if I was going to see her on the day. I made her this:
Bopbot from the book Crobots by Nelly Pailloux
I borrowed this book from the library and fell in love it. I've ordered my own copy and can't wait to make the rest of the crobots. Bopbot was my second amigurumi project and I was really happy with how he turned out.
I think I may end up making one for myself, I just love him and his cute little headphones. My friend loved him too.

Another present I made and haven;t posted yet was a mother's day doll for my mum. I used the same pattern as for the doll I made my grandmother. (On a side note, my grandmother loved her doll and called her Lucille. Isn't that a great name?) Here's the doll I made mum:

Her lovely serene face makes me fall in love with her again every time I see it. She now lives on my mum's bed. :)
I embroidered her skirt, I'm thrilled with how it turned out. The centres of the flowers are some of my handmade paper beads. Mum was as happy with her as I was, and more. On another side note, rememeber the amigurumi skulls I made? They made it safely to their new in home in Western Australia and were very well received.

Monday, June 6, 2011

My first Amigurumi

I've become completely addicted to Amigurumi, I love it. I'm hooked. (Har har har pun intended. I think I'm hilarious.) For those of you who don't know Amigurumi is the Japanese craft of knitting or crocheting stuffed dolls. The word is derived from the words Ami, meaning knitted or crocheted and nuigurumi, meaning stuffed doll.

I've been wanting to make my friend something for ages, and when I came across this I thought it was perfect. So I went to work.

Skull in progress
It actually took me all afternoon to get the hang of it, but once I did it was very straightforward and fun. The other thing was, because my printer had broken I had to write the pattern out by hand, which didn't take too long but was tedious.

Skull before adding eyes
At this point I decided one skull wasn't enough so I got the idea making two and joining them with a chain of crochet, so you could hand them on things. Kind of like the skull equivalent of those fuzzy dice people hang one their rear view mirrors.
I just love them. I might end up making some for myself.

 The pupils are beads. I wasn't going to add pupils but when I was pinning the eyes on, my brother commented that they would look better with them. So here they are.
I just really hope my friend likes them as much as I do.